Ayuntamiento de Huelva

· 2017 CANDIDACY ·


Gastronomy has always been one of the main signs of identity of Huelva. Recognized worldwide for the quality and exclusivity of many of its native products and for a traditional recipe rich in nuances. Eating in Huelva is a privilege for the senses and an experience difficult to match, to which is added the warm and friendly character of the people of Huelva. An own style in the format of bars and restaurants and a careful service complete the gastronomic framework of the capital, which is why we want to open it to the world and invite you all to savor a little piece of our land.

Huelva Capital Gastronómica - 2017

Huelva Capital Gastronómica - 2017 - HUELVA CAPITAL DE LA GASTRONOMÍA ESPAÑOLA